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Eureka! 1+1=2

Eureka!  1+1 = 2

In a previous newsletter, we discussed that NextPower360’s generator technology is a derivative of the Faraday Drum or Homopolar generator, a technology that because of its concentric magnet design has a powerful, uniform, orderly radial magnetic field, with superior output and power density.  In electricity generation, voltage can be thought of as the force that “pushes” electrons, and amperage can be thought of as the amount of electrons being pushed. The Achilles’ heel of the Faraday Drum is that, while it makes tremendous amperage, it produces extremely low voltage which, despite its many benefits, made it untenable for most commercial generator applications. 


Tony’s vision has been to leverage the efficiency of a Faraday Drum while solving the voltage issue, and his theory to do so was described in our December Newsletter (remember Matryoshka Dolls!).  Our challenge in the lab for the last several months has been enabling the voltage to add up in our physical prototypes.  In one design after another, 1 volt plus 1 volt would not add up to 2 volts.  In fact, 1 + 1 would add up to only about 1.7 or sometimes even less.  


Perseverance pays off and finally on Earth Day (April 22), Tony got the voltage to add! Eureka, 1 + 1 does indeed equal 2.  As far as we know, NextPower360 is the only company in history to build a Faraday Drum generator where the voltage adds up.  We cannot describe the voltage solution more specifically in this newsletter, as we need to do further work to protect our intellectual property, but we believe it would knock your and Achilles’ socks off. 


Red Pepper Flakes and Technical Review Letter  

A prospective investor, who is intrigued with NextPower360 and our technology, engaged an independent engineer who he described as a “world-class expert on generator technology” to review our technology.  This expert has worked for more than 50 years in engineering and product development, primarily in power generation for a major generator manufacturer.   

The independent expert was given access to all facets of our intellectual property, including visiting our lab in Asheville NC and reviewing data from our R&D process.  He later told us that “my aha moment came at the dinner table when I picked up and rotated a bottle of red pepper flakes.”  As it happens, red pepper flakes can be an acceptable representation of a magnetic field. 


The expert’s Technical Review Letter represents a huge and encouraging milestone for the company.  Here is one quote from the letter:  “Proof of concept of a Faraday generator capable of producing both high current with high voltage has been achieved. NextPower360’s solution to harnessing the benefits of the Faraday [Drum] is both innovative and unique.”  He has shared with us that he is extremely impressed with both the technology and the speed of progress.


Stirring the Pot of the Energy Sector

I am ecstatic by what our tech team is cooking up in the NextPower360 kitchen.  Tony’s inspiration was to create a more efficient generator for the wind power industry.  Our recent progress points to the possibility that we are building a better generator period. We may even be on a path to the biggest breakthrough in rotating electrical machine technology since Tesla’s induction generator in 1891.  Now that we have added red pepper to the recipe, things at NextPower360 are heating up!




Michael Shore



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